Yorkshire Wedding Photographer

I love being a Yorkshire Wedding Photographer, that is, except the drive up. I ended up taking the more scenic drive to the venue over a spiraling, plunging road, quite literally over the hills and far away. Think farmland cottages and stone walls, Nidderdale AONB transported me to a different time, imagine Jane Austen with a book in hand enjoying a quiet stroll through the countryside, or Beatrix Potter sitting with her watercolour pallet taking in the scene. A short walk from the Swinton Bivouac sits somewhere ancient like no place I have ever been before, Druids Temple was a breathtaking hidden treat, nestled in a tall red-tree woodland shrouded with wild fern, it had a wonderfully exotic feel and a beautiful romantic and “far away” feel which was a perfect space for two musicians to forget the music, listen to their hearts beat and lose themselves in each other.


Florals: Firenze Flowers
Dress: Justine Alexander at the Harrogate Wedding Lounge
Makeup & Hair: April Børjesson Cunningham
Cake: Amanda Earl
Styling & Planning: Nicola Dixon
Photography: Anneka Seraphina Photography
Venue: The Swinton Bivouac